Thursday, January 20, 2011

Homework 20/01/11 17:58

1 . Memorise the 3 cheng yu's that Miss Tan posted on the chinese blog .
2 . Do the maths worksheet that Mr Ingham gave us .
3 . Finish the sketching of the sketches that are posted on the ADMT blog .
4 . For science , finish up the slides on the relationships between animals . Eg. Predator - Prey
5 . For English , finish the questions for the extensive reading Chapter 2 if you have not .
6 . For Geography , put the video that your group's videographer took and put in iMovie then narrate it in your own words so that you can put the videos in your E- Journal when Mr Koh says it's ready .
7 . For History , do the slides in your pairs/trios if you have not . (REMINDER)

I think that's all . If there's any more , post the homework in another post or as a comment in this post .
Thank You : ]


  1. oh yeaa.... and for the malay pupils...

    -Highlight perkataan dalam setiap perenggan(key points)
    -Jawab soalan teks (1.Pemahaman m.s.3&4)
    -Gunakan Pages
    -Struktur untuk jawab adalah untuk, membuat point form DAN bentuk ayat...

  2. What is the maths worksheet? Specify?

  3. Memorize the 3 Chen Yu's??? I didn't know there were three Chen Yu's...

  4. Elijah : Parabola ?
    Mohit : LOL cheng yu = idioms in chinese :[]