Wednesday, February 16, 2011

16 february... HMWK...

1) Geography- finish lesson 02
2)DO Science assignment 04 by tmro...
3)Maths - the wksheet... i think


  1. For Chinese,do 作业6 and go to the chinese blog 全面防卫日 and read the entire thing and record in photobooth。both by monday

  2. For Chinese, you also have to answer the question related to the article 全面防卫日 on teh blog.

  3. Aisyah (Too lazy to log in)2/17/2011 09:36:00 PM

    A reminder, the I&E Presentation is due on Week 10 and we have to finish the IPW Pages by next Wednesday or Mr Chan is going to kill us...

    Malay Stuff:

    1) Kalau belum beri Cikgu pembetulan quiz, pulang besok atau Selasa
    2) Beri mak bapa ujian yang dah semak untuk tanda tangan; pulang ke cikgu hari Selasa
    3) Mohit (dan aku) bayar tiket untuk GPA minggu depan. Mirza, tak payah