Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Homework 09/02/11 17:00


*1 . Read the passage that's in red on the chinese blog(ting xie) .

2 . Do the ICT maths worksheet thingy : do some if you wish to .

3 . Think of the subject you're going to talk about(?) for english .

4 . Create the -challenge- page on your site for PW .

5 . Bring the science worksheet to school tomorrow , the one we did in the lab today .

I wonder if our sketchbooks are with us ( IF they are bring it to school tomorrow )

*Bring gao zi and electronic dictionary for composition tomorrow .

Reminder to those have not handed in the pink color form :
Sign it and bring it tomorrow .

Copy the I can remember .
If there's anything more , post it as a new post or as a comment under this post .


  1. 6. The Geog Journal Punishment

    7. The "Shuo yi Shuo" blog comment for Chinese

    8. Index no. 18 needs to post what we learned this week for math..?

    9. Complete your toy design for ADMT..?

  2. The science wksheet have to be completed btw...