Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Homework 15/02/11 18:02

1 . Maths ICT worksheet and the worksheet thingy that Miss Tan gave us . Due Thursday . ICT worksheet Due week 9 . Worksheet 3 i have no idea how to do -.-

2 . For chinese students , this week there's no ting xie yay :D And i don't think there's any homework for chinese just remember to bring your chinese textbook .

3 . For science , the flow of energy worksheet thingy due thursday .

4 . There's PW tomorrow so remember to update the challenges thingy on your respective group's site .

I THINK that's all .
Btw , i forgot what miss tan told me to write on the blog . Oh well , those who remember post it under comment section TY .
I don't know about malay so too bad :p
Bye .
If there's more homework , post it as a new post or as a comment under this post .
Thanks .
I'm serious...


  1. for malay student: there is a test tmr!!! YAY


  2. Guys remember to get your Ti-nspire!! :D and remember to disable your password before you give the apple care ppl your mac, if you do not know how to disable your password, then just tell them your password...:D