Thursday, February 24, 2011

Homework for 24 Feb

Hi five,

Here's the homework we have so far:

1) Do the S&W surveys by Monday: they can be found on the S&W sites
2) Do the IPW stuff by next lesson (Next Wednesday)
3) For those who haven't, do the rest of your English Posts (remember, the 6th has the most weightage)
4) For those who haven't, do the ICE stuff for History (no need to do AAAAA)

Here is the Malay Stuff:

1) Mohit, habiskan Keynote awak tentang teknologi
2) Bacakan tiga lampiran yang Cikgu beri sebelum hari Selasa minggu hadapan
3) Kalau belum, berikan Cikgu $5 untuk GPA (Saya belum T.T)


1) History test in week 10
2) Geography test in week 10 (only testing plate tectonics)
3) Chinese Common test in week 10
4) English Speech due in week 10
5) We all have to pay Zhi Yong for the class fund

If there is anything I have forgotten, please post it under comments



  1. I&E presentation week 9 Friday

  2. For Chinese,

    1) Those who have not done their past homeworks please hand it up.
    2) Do Zuoye 7
    3) Reminder of Chinese Files on Tuesday (Purple) Corrections must all be done.

    1) Performance Task is by next week.

    Sign the Secondary Two Assessment Plan

  3. Thanks, Anonymous and Jonathan...

  4. aisyah , just remember to pay your part of class fund . everybody will remember .

  5. @Anonymous U may just shut up and pay your part

  6. @Annonymous R u asking me to shut up after I helped in the post, btw im no the same as the person who was talking about class fund

  7. @Annonymous at 9:37:00
    We all know that you are aisyah so you do not have to use annoymous

  8. FYI, I have never posted as Anonymous in this comments box. If I can't log in to my Google Account, I use my own name...

  9. I know you know that the person you know that you are talking about is not what you know that is not me. So you know who I am talking about? huh?

  10. You guys are seriously childish...

    For Chinese
    Do the dou hao comment thingy on the Chinese blog.
    Study for Chinese Test tomorrow (idk hw to study 4 tat but somehow I feel that there's a need to write that)

    For Malay
    I only understand "Mohit", "Keynote" and "$5" and I don't think there's a need for me to know what it is about so I'm ignoring that.

    Do up your speeches and remember to practice them because you'll have more confidence and charisma (I guess) when you are prepared.
    Make sure you understand History thingy thing thing we did today or clarify with Miss Lim or anyone in class.
    Make sure you know how to draw, label and describe the different effects of plate movements for geog test next week.

    I'm not going to say anything about class funds since I have yet to pay.

    (childish moment)
    ._. <--- Kekeke. That's cute.


    - Catherine Lim

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  12. Sorry, that was nonsense posted by my brother. He pressed post comments randomly... T.T Sorry, won't happen again...