Sunday, February 20, 2011

Homework 20/02/11 10:37

1 . Solving of Quadratic Equations Supplementary worksheet that was given out by Miss Tan to be completely and handed in . I don't know when but I think it's already due so hand it in on Monday if you haven't .

2 . The ICT performance task worksheet to be completed and handed in MONDAY ?

3 . Flow of energy and matter in the environment assignment , it's already due so hand in to kieren if you haven't .

4 . Homework 03 - Algebraic problem solving .' It's like due long long ago so hand it in tomorrow if you haven't : especially me

5 . The history stuff that Miss Lim mentioned .

6 . Zuo ye 6 .

7 . Check chinese blog for ting xie stuff .

Study for common test ~ Good Luck~

Pink form : kenneth you handed up already?

Tomorrow there's S&W so wear P.E attire and bring school uniform to change .



  1. mohit M Khemlani2/20/2011 12:30:00 PM

    ICT performance task is to be handed up on Week 9

  2. nope its week 8, and thnks for posting samuel

  3. Home video is due tmr. Please remember.

  4. Performance Task due on next week Thursday :D
    Ting Xie on 22nd with mei zou xue xi 3.