Thursday, March 31, 2011


Attention! ADMT!!

Mr Irfan would like to see the following students first thing Tomorrow Morningwhich is 1st April 2011, Friday. It is something to do with the eLearning Blog Assignments.


Also, may your go to the ADMT class blog and check if you have submitted your own assignments.
Thanks for your attention! :)

Kun Yao

Attention! ADMT!!

Mr Irfan would like to see the following students first thing Tomorrow Morning which is 1st April 2011, Friday. It is something to do with the eLearning Blog Assignments.


Also, may your go to the ADMT class blog and check if you have submitted your own assignments.
Thanks for your attention! :)

Kun Yao

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

1 . Chinese . IDK what . check chinese blog ?
2 . Science fileeee and the proposal thingy
3 . Maths ! Hmm Maths is probably the ICT worksheet if you haven't handed in .

That's all I think .
OH . and get the lesson 5 geography done by next lesson

Please remember our cause...

Dear all

Please take good care of "Bob" and not let him come to harm.
It is about the values that we need to uphold as a class: Responsibility, Respect, Relationship and Reflection and the charity that we are committed to.
4 times, not counting down...
Have a good week ahead.

Best Wishes
Ms Lim

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What is the homework for today?

Homework 29/03/2011~

1) Those who have not, complete admt elearning work...
2) Those who have not, send IH eLearning link
3) IPW group proposal, due this friday.. issit?... idk
Is that all?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Homework for 28/3

Maths: Complete tiered worksheet 4 and ICT worksheet by tomorrow.
IH: Hand in the blog url by tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

CE blog

Hey guys;

Since when do we have a CE blog....?

Kenneth Teh :D

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Math Blog Weekly Post Reminder

This is a reminder... Aren't we supposed to take turns posting up a recap of whatever we studied for the week for Math..? Zhi Yong seems to be the last one who posted on the Math Blog... So, may the next person take responsibility? Go to Mr Ingham and give him your email so that you could excess the blog and post the weekly recap. Thanks.

Kun Yao

Monday, March 14, 2011

Class Outing

Hello all you noobs out there!
There will a class outing on 16/03/11 , WEDNESDAY this week .
Please try to make it as this is a good time for class bonding ?

Venue : Dhoby Ghaut Station for LAN Gaming!!!
Time : According to Kun Yao , it's around after lunch so please have your lunch first , or we can have lunch at plaza sing?
MONEY : $5 per hour ?

The others please confirm with kun yao
If you have any queries please contact kun yao and he is the organiser for this .
For MTG players , bring more money for sealed

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Homework for 10 March

Hi five,

Here is the homework for today:

1) Do the Math Worksheet 04 to be handed in once we return from the Holidays and E-Learning Week
2) For those who haven't, submit the Google SWOT Forms for S&W by next period
3) For those who haven't, finish your Geography Journal on the Krakatoa Case Study
4) Plan for your ADMT stuff

Here is the Malay Stuff for today:

1) Bagai orang yang belum, habiskan Karangan Argumantatif kamu tentang lelaman sosial
2) Bagai orang yang belum, bayar duit untuk Berita Harian
3) Jumpa di Stn Lorong Chuan sebelum 1.30 Sabtu ini (Terima Kasih Mirza dan Mohit)

Reminders for today:

1) For those who haven't, pay up for the Class Fund
2) For those who haven't, tomorrow is the last day for cleaning up your lockers (2 lockers are still shut)
3) Take care of Uncle Bob!!! :)

If there is anything I forgot, please post in under comments.





Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Show Choir Auditions

For those who want to join the Show Choir, please be informed that the Auditions are on 22 March, during E-Learning Week. For those who can't make it, there is another audition on 29th, I think. The announcement is on the SST Main Page...

New member of the class......

Greetings, my fellow egg-people,

Today, i am going to introduce you to the new member of our class; BOB JR~. Now, i want you all to take turns (1 day per person) to take care of him as your fellow brother. Now, he is going to follow you around (including home) for a whole day, so you will need to prepare a space for him in your house. Good luck. Whoever fails to do so shall be given a prize..... Of $-0.20, as you will need to pay 0.20 cents to BOB JR's parents for them to pay for the hospital fee of another BOB JR.

Koth of the Hammer, Egg people ambassador.


Hi all :D

Here are the science reminders:

1) File Check-T2W2 MONDAY
2)Performance Task
3) Test 2 -Photosynthesis
-Environment Conservation
4) ISS

Here is another reminder: Reminder about Fail... quoted from RJW from abby's presentation*.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Dear groups

Tmr, we will do the mythological creatures INE TASK assessment.
The venue will be 205 class room.
We will start the assessment immediately after school.
Wait for further instructions.
Please remember to bring your props.
1 . Study for Geography and History
2 . Memorize the Plates Diagram Thingy
3 . Revise SBQ
4 . Do maths worksheet thingy 6C & D
Sign Chinese Test .
Bring P.E tmr . Bring lesson plan and stats just in case

Latest News: Bob Junior is the newest member of 205 ...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 10...

People of 205.

This is a.. "gentle"? reminder to bring your own books to school. Ever since we've returned the chicken soup books, some of you tend to forget to bring your books. Come On.. It's like the last week of the term just bring a book this few days and try keeping a habit of bringing your own books to school to read in the morning.

Kun Yao

Homework load? o.o

Hey guys, don't you just think that the homework load recently is just.... Outrageous? o.o


Greetings Earthlings,

My name is Barney the Pe..Dinosaur. Please stay worried. As I, the great one, has arrived to warn you about a few signs.
1) Geography Journal - Krakatoa (DO IT. Or you want to copy it ten times?)
2) Study for IH test (This Thursday and STUDY the format and the drawings.)
3) Sign the Travel form and BRING IT. (Don't drag. Not like the "Pink form" Miss Lim has been asking for WEEKS. Those who owe her that "Pink Form" BRING IT.
4) Finish Math Set B (This one... is "OR ELSE" -Don't want to find out.)
5) Do exercise 12.

I apologise that I've forgotten to add in one very Important Assignment:
6) Please finish and prepare for the English Presentation. By "Prepare" I meant, I hope all of you would have rehearsed your speech and make sure it does not exceeds 5 minutes (If I'm not wrong that's the given time for your speech). This English Presentation is very important as it is graded and we've been given many weeks to complete this. Wish you all luck for your speech :)

7)S&W Form. The online forms. Look at the link on the right. (It's ASSESSED. Spent at least an hour doing it. Don't rush.

For Chinese
8) Study for Chinese spelling (Even if there isn't. Just Learn! It's most important to"Be Prepared"... I've sent an email to Miss Tan about the date for the Chinese spelling AND it COULD be tomorrow or sometime this week OR TERM 2 WEEK 1. SINCE The latest one is Then...活到老,学到老 the next chapter is 7 right... SO... Words are
1. on the blog... sigh

9) Bring your textbook (Unless you want to copy the chapter.)

If any of these signs are broken... the consequences are "or else.."... So...
Have a nice day:)

Speech Day

Friday~ Speech day

Go to class for flag raising

Wear school uniform, make sure that is neat and clean.

Seat according to index no. in hall.

Sec 1s are sitting behind us on benches while we are sitting on chairs.

Support the performance and Do Not Laugh and just enjoy.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

INE CHALLENGE TMR (Please remember to bring all your props/scripts etc)

Homework 03/03/11 Thursday

1 . S&W form thingy .
2 . Bring your I&E stuff tmr . Souvenirs and stuff .
3 . Indices and Standard Form Maths Worksheet .
4 . Check Chinese Blog for the Chinese stuff .
5 . Bring the Travel Declaration Form thingy .

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

S&W Form Filling

Hey guys,

Do you guys run into any problems when filling in forms for S&W? I can't seem to submit any forms. (I only tried using safari 5.1, lion OSX) Maybe its just my OS. == ALPHAAAAAA ==

Please advise.

Kenneth Teh :D