Monday, March 14, 2011

Class Outing

Hello all you noobs out there!
There will a class outing on 16/03/11 , WEDNESDAY this week .
Please try to make it as this is a good time for class bonding ?

Venue : Dhoby Ghaut Station for LAN Gaming!!!
Time : According to Kun Yao , it's around after lunch so please have your lunch first , or we can have lunch at plaza sing?
MONEY : $5 per hour ?

The others please confirm with kun yao
If you have any queries please contact kun yao and he is the organiser for this .
For MTG players , bring more money for sealed


  1. I'm not coming... Sorry...

  2. Samuel, I will see you on Wednesday - Temasek Polytechnic stadium 830 am. You can join them afterwards.

  3. If this was posted on Facebook. Miss Lim would get multiple "Likes" and It's $2/hour ==...

    @Aisyah It's alright...

  4. Hope y'all had a gd time 2day...

  5. ??? Not a good time???

    Too lazy to sign in...