Thursday, March 10, 2011

Homework for 10 March

Hi five,

Here is the homework for today:

1) Do the Math Worksheet 04 to be handed in once we return from the Holidays and E-Learning Week
2) For those who haven't, submit the Google SWOT Forms for S&W by next period
3) For those who haven't, finish your Geography Journal on the Krakatoa Case Study
4) Plan for your ADMT stuff

Here is the Malay Stuff for today:

1) Bagai orang yang belum, habiskan Karangan Argumantatif kamu tentang lelaman sosial
2) Bagai orang yang belum, bayar duit untuk Berita Harian
3) Jumpa di Stn Lorong Chuan sebelum 1.30 Sabtu ini (Terima Kasih Mirza dan Mohit)

Reminders for today:

1) For those who haven't, pay up for the Class Fund
2) For those who haven't, tomorrow is the last day for cleaning up your lockers (2 lockers are still shut)
3) Take care of Uncle Bob!!! :)

If there is anything I forgot, please post in under comments.




  1. This is the last time I am connecting to the internet on that 'Mac'
    Bid farewell to it.

  2. Goodbye old mac

  3. Amrit
    Its good bye new mac.

    Old mac says hi.