Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New member of the class......

Greetings, my fellow egg-people,

Today, i am going to introduce you to the new member of our class; BOB JR~. Now, i want you all to take turns (1 day per person) to take care of him as your fellow brother. Now, he is going to follow you around (including home) for a whole day, so you will need to prepare a space for him in your house. Good luck. Whoever fails to do so shall be given a prize..... Of $-0.20, as you will need to pay 0.20 cents to BOB JR's parents for them to pay for the hospital fee of another BOB JR.

Koth of the Hammer, Egg people ambassador.


  1. For certain people, please do not comment anything about Koth of the Hammer. Thank you :D But i do have one thing to say, HE LOOKS LIKE AN EGG WITH A BODY :D

  2. Amrit
    I have a facebook account.

    My mac is dented.

  3. Kenneth, u have the egg 2day, is it?

  4. I am an old member then.......Vivek