Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekend Homework (29/4)

Maths: Worksheet C ( Due on Friday, ask questions on Thursday)
Science: Individual Report, Group Report (Due next week)
Chinese: Do the 幸福 spreadsheet.
ADMT: Prototype, rendering, journal (Due next week)
Geography: Those who have not finished the journal must finish by next lesson. (4/5)
Study for exams

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Homework for 27 April

Hi five,

Here is the homework for today:

1. ADMT Toy Project due next week (Components: Rending sketch, E-Journal and actual product)
2. For the eight of you who haven't, finish up your Case Study on the Yunnan and Japan Earthquake
3. Finish up the Stuff for Science (Research Plan, Experimental Design, Material List, Log Book-not due tomorrow, Literature Review, Group Report, Individual Report-not due tomorrow (I think), and include your Table of Results)
4. Math Worksheet B:Sets - Mr Ingham is going through it tomorrow, hand it up to Daniel on Friday
5. For those who haven't, hand up the English Podcast (Put in the Submit Folder)

Here is the Malay Stuff for today:

1. For those who haven't, finish your Journal, hand up on Friday
2. File the Lampiran Cikgu gave in class today (forgot what it was)
3. Get your parents to sign the Test
4. Bring your Kamus (Kamus Dewan, if possible) on Friday


1. Study for the Exams
2. There is no CCA from 2-13 April (Week 7-8)
3. Sports Meet is postponed, normal timetable on Friday

If there is anything I forgot, please post it in the comments section


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Science File

Please bring your science file tomorrow for checking . Please have all the notes and science stuff inside the file .

Homework April 26

1)Geography Journal
2)For those who went for SYF(chinese students) , please go to chinese blog and complete that google form
3)Science Research Proposal and stuff . 
4)Maths Assignment B
5)English Podcast , applies only to those who have not submitted .
6) Chinese students , there is ting xie tomorrow . Check the chinese blog for more details . Unless Miss Tan doesn't come !

And Vivek Tadikamalla i though you were suppose to give out that form or something .

Thursday, April 21, 2011

21st April 2011 HOMEWORK :D

-Maths Worksheet 5 for those people who Mr Ingham said due on Monday
-Maths worksheet A in the Sets Notes
-English Podcast.Hand up in Submit folder TODAY. If impossible to give through submit folder,email.
-Complete Geography journal for those who haven't
-History Scribble maps
-Chinese Spelling on Tuesday.Check Chinese blog,words are in red.
-If any more,post them in the comments

Daniel Chan

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Homework 14/4/2011 ~

1) do maths worksheets
one due tmro and the other on thurs

2)Do English letter draft... i think

3)Do history, the scribble map...
and prepare the three, Samurai To Sony files for checking... i dunno when... :D

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Homework 13/04/11


1) Graph worksheet for maths
2) Chinese stuff on fri...
3) Bring Gao zhi and chinese dictionary on Friday .
4) ADMT test tomorrow .
5) Draft 1 for ISS

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


1) Graph worksheet for maths
2) Chinese stuff on fri...
3) Prepare Chinese passage...
4)Gring Gao Zhi and chinese dictionary
5) Science quiz tmro...
6) ADMT test on thursday after school
7) Birthdays, Ms Alice lim and... AKANSH!?!?

Homework 12/4/11

Maths: Graph worksheet 6B and Maths test paper(Check Email)

English: Prepare your roles

Chinese: Zuowen test this friday- bring gaozhi and dictionary. Read the textbook page 67 to 69

Science: Quiz tomorrow

ADMT: Test on Thursday after school, and sketch you design on A3 paper by next lesson, so you can render it.

PW: Do your Lit reviews and the group Lit review on the spreadsheet.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Letter to my friend

Dear Muthu Balakrishnan Vivian Gundusamy Muhammad Lim Tan Chua Phua Ong Agustines Kai Ting Tay Khemlani Chan, 
Hi Muthu Balakrishnan Vivian Gundusamy Muhammad Lim Tan Chua Phua Ong Agustines Kai Ting Tay Khemlani Chan! Alpha here! How are you? I haven’t talked to you in ages. Really, like as long as a millennium. I am really really concerned about your addiction to gaming. I heard that you spent up to 20 hours a day playing games like warcraft, modern warfare, minecraft, counterstrike, Left 4 Dead 2 and Pokémon, and I also heard that you skipped school just to go for the gaming competition at Dhoby Ghaut Mass Rapid Transport station in Singapore. I suggest that you should correctly manage your work and play time, instead of wasting all day playing computer games, console games, phone games, card games, and board games, as you could affect your future.
People actually don’t hire you because of your high level at Xbox achievements, gaming competitions, and card games. They hire you because of your academic studies, as only those achievements appear in your portfolio. You need to do well in your Math, English, Science, Art Design Media and Technology, Innovation and Enterprise, Project Work, Geography, History and Co Curriculum Activities. 
In conclusion, obsessive gaming may ruin your life. If you ever need help managing your time, call me, email me, message me, personal message me, whatever. Hope to hear from you soon!!!
Yours Sincerely,
Alpha Chua Ye Jie

Addicted Friend (mOmO)

Hi Bill,

How have you been? I have been doing well.I have heard that you have been staying up until late hours due to computer games. Well i am writing here to tell you that gaming is very bad for you as it could ruin your life. Do you think that gaming would be useful in your life in the long run? Woud you think you would get the job of your choice with virtual achievements? I do not think bosses would want to take you in for a job if you do not have academic achievements.Well I would suggest you stop wasting time playing games as it would not benifit you in life.After all,they are just for entertainment.Why not try something else like taking up a hobby such as soccer,badmintaon and many more.That will help you.Trust me :D



Dear Bill,
      How are you doing right now. I understand that you like playing a lot of games and you end up gaming right after you come back from school. Gaming will not help you with your school work and real life skills. Even if you play shooting games, you do not have any real life shooting skills. You will surely have fun while playing these types of game but that feeling will not be everlasting. I think that you should spend more time with your family and appreciate them. You can do this by organizing an outing for your family. While becoming involved a lot in the virtual world, you end up forgetting the real world crisis for example droughts or earthquakes in certain countries. You should really reduce your gaming time and concentrate more on your real life as improving your skills in your real life will help you a lot in your future. Good luck in trying to get out of your gaming addiction.

Dear Bill, o.O

Dear Bill,

I’ve heard from your friend Jill that you are addicted to gaming and have been playing for at least ten hours straight. You have been having lots of headache and it seems like you are falling asleep in class lately.

As your beloved twin brother, I suggest that you should stop gaming too much and start by slowly decreasing your gaming hours by one hour. For example, from ten hours of gaming to nine hours to eight hours and so on. If not, you could just take a hammer and smash your computer.

If you do not stop gaming, you might end up looking fat and ugly because of those panda eyes from your lack of sleep. So, if you want your secret crush (Jill) to become your girlfriend, you might want stop gaming. Also, you should sleep early or you would sleep in class and wouldn’t learn anything in class. You should think about your future if you think what I wrote is “inappropriate”.



Dear Chuck!!! xD

Dear Chuck!!! xD,

There is no easy way to say this but YOU ARE ADDICTED TO GAMING!!!

I mean seriously think about it …. You have an entire battle strategy planned out on paper that includes blueprints of the entire place. The plan has people stationed as guards and snipers, so on, all just for ONE GAME?! You could have been having going out on a date with your Girlfriend Sarah! I'm sure she would appreciate it. Or you could just invite all of us out for a nice Movie or maybe some sports you could be spending sooooooooooo .… much time on doing other more meaningful stuff. You could go on a REAL life adventures rather than going on fake virtual adventures. You really should change soon if not I sure that I still want to be your REAL friend. I am not saying that playing games is wrong but you should have fun at it and instead of trying to make virtual friends, why don't you invite some of your neighbors to join you for once? I really hope you heed my advice :) THANKS!

Yours Sincerely,

Matthew :)


Dear John,

I know you are addicted to gaming,spamming 15 hours playing games,especially this one game that features some guy in green amour and a rifle killing aliens.So far,you've been skipping school and not studying to play games.You've been failing your exams and tests,and would like to advice you.

Being addicted to games is definitely NOT good,and it can ruin your life if you do not stop soon.Gaming brings you happiness,but it is not your life.One shouldn't give up everything else just to play games.You should stop being a game addict and start studying,making friends,eat properly and others.Games do not go on resumes nor featured in your personal information.Games will never get you anywhere in life.I’m not saying games are not good for you,but you are being an unhealthy gamer.A healthy gamer uses the advantages of gaming to the fullest,like playing with their friends together and enjoy themselves,getting to know each other better.

Thats all the advice I have,and hope you listen to my advice,put down your controller and start socializing,studying and thinking about your future.

The sky is getting dark and the crickets are chirping,so I have to go now.Good bye.

Daniel Chan

The Letter

Dear Kool ,

Do you have to play games in class? You should be careful because the gaming world has a message. It can get into your brain via being brainwashed. These kind of things can happen so we must be careful and things like playing it in class makes you lose your attention span. You should play after your exams and not play for long. Laning also only waste time and card games waste money. You should start to play games which are more helpful and not so affecting of your physiological state. Playing outdoor games or games like chess, it develops things like your brain power or your physical strength. Use your time in more helpful stuff like doing something else you like to do which you did not do before. Try out more stuff and probably hangout with your friends. I wish you get a life….jkjk….I wish you stop

Letter to Chucky :)

Dear Chucky,

How have you been recently? I have heard that you have been addicted to gaming. Today, I’m writing to you because I am very concerned about the you are being addicted and I’m am also going to give you a few advise.

I think that you should seriously stop as gaming is of no value in life. You’ll also be missing out a lot of things in life and your friends and family will start to leave you too. In short, gaming does not help you in any way. If you keep on playing, it’ll ruining your whole life and your successful future! You should focus more on your friends, career and most importantly your family.

For now, you could start by controlling yourself from gaming and start to hang out with friends and family. You could also choose to start playing sports. In life, you only have one life, so please do not let it go to waste. Do something about it. Change.


Jonny :D

Dear Chuck,

How have you been recently? The reason I am writing to you today is that I have heard from your parents and friends that you are addicted to gaming and it have its negative effects.

Firstly, the results of your addiction have caused you to lose your precious time with friends and family. Secondly, you have secluded yourself from the outside world through staying at home gaming instead of spending time with friends and family. Lastly, you have been sleeping late and submitting work late and the quality of work is poor.

Next, I will be suggesting what you can do to improve your condition. You should find someone preferably a counselor to talk to if you cannot stop your excessive gaming. You should really stop as the negative effects can be severe and you will regret in future if you did not spend time with your close ones.

I will be writing till here. Until next time, I hope that you will reply me with your addiction have stop and spend your time wisely with your other friends and family.


Amrit's ADV letter

Dear Bill,

I have not heard from you for quite awhile. How are you? The other day, I met your brother in the park. He told me that lately, you have been addicted to computer games.

The reason I am writing this letter to you is because I want to advise you not to play so many computer games. Playing too many computer games will have an effect on your life. If you spend too much time playing games, you will not be able to do your homework. This will affect your studies. You also will not have time to bond with your friends and family.

Here are some things you can do. You should manage your time. Make sure you have time for homework and revision, to bond with your family and friends. Of course, you can also have some time to game but not too much.

If you need anymore help or advice, feel free to write a letter to me.

The sky is dark, it is getting late. I think I will stop here.

Yours sincerely




Dear Chuck,

I realised that you’ve been acting quite weirdly these days. Your having constant headaches and other stuff. Which kinda leads down to one thing, gaming addiction.
You should try to stop this gaming addiction because it may tear your life apart about certain aspects like family, love and your social life. Not forgetting your career too. Start getting a new hobby that does not involve technology, a good suggestion is sports. Getting the high score in your game wouldn’t allow you to get a thousand bucks or something like that. Sure you feel proud but thats short-lived. Life is short and you shouldn’t be wasting part of your life just sitting there, gaming. You should start thinking of your career too, at the rate your going, you dont exactly have a bright future ahead of you. Start to do something about this. Before its too late and things start falling apart.



Dear Venser , you are obviously addicted to gaming because you stated it in your journal (Venser's Journal) . Apparently your hand is very big because it says you have no maximum hand size .

And i know you don't like Ajani because he is a lion . But you should be more gentleman if not Chandra will burn you . And btw you have a really nice sword , so you might consider selling me it ?

And don't be like koth , stop issuing emblems to people .

Best Regards ,
Some Mono Colored Dude

Gaming Letter by Kieren Chua

Dear Chuck,

Hello!I am writing to advise you about your addictions to gaming and what you can do about it.

Addiction to gaming is very common among many people and your case is no different but as a friend I must help you with it.Please listen to me and thus let me help you with your addiction.I have been constantly listening to your online friends which have a life and been hearing that you have been gaming excessively and been camping at home for quite a while.That is very bad which can lead to health and mental issues.

This is what you can do.You can stop immediately and also making yourself “banned”from gaming by trying to control your emotions and also resist the temptations of gaming get to you as to make yourself more resistant to the effects of gaming or that tugging feeling for the need to game.


Kieren Chua

Samuel (Not From 205)

Dear Samuel (Not From 205),
Gaming is bad for your health, studies have shown that people who game are (insert big number)% more likely to get (insert chronic disease here). You should do some more physical activities like (insert vigorous activity here) or eat more (insert health pill that promotes health). Even if you want to play games you should reduce the amount of time you spend on (insert game here), and try to do some work that can produce (insert results here).
You life is also affected by (insert game here) to the extent that (insert person here e.g. Mohit (Not From 205)) is getting irritated by your constant (insert action here)-ing of him.
Gaming ruins your life, stop gaming now. Do something more ahem...

From Adam Tan

Homework 7/04/11

1 ) English thingy about that super zai waterfall?

2 ) Complete the graph for maths

3 ) Revise for Science

I think that's all trololololol

Catherine's letter to Chuck Bartowski

Dear Chuck Bartowski,
(aka Charles Carmichael)

I think you have to stop your gaming addiction and take Sarah Walker on a date!
I bet she can easily take you out on Call of Duty (if you don't flash)
Stop meeting Morgan to game all day at home :D
Even though I envy your amazing Guitar Hero skills… STOP GAMING!
Morgan and you should learn that toys are toys and not collectibles :P
Remember how difficult it was to get a girlfriend or a female talking partner 3 years ago?

Go on more missions :P
Learn how to fight properly without flashing.
Or you can be a good brother and uncle by taking care of Ellie’s daughter! :D
Get to know your niece better!

Btw, I think that you having headache when you flash is not because of the new intersect.
It must be because of your gaming addiction :D

Hope you can easily balance your totally awesome life, totally hot fiance, your spy work and your gaming addiction.

Yours sincerely,
Catherine Lim
Your Number One Fan!
(jk. I’m a bigger fan of Yvonne Strahovski aka your fiance, Sarah Walker :P)


Hi koth , i know you are addicted to gaming because you always give out emblems to people to damage people's life . And apparently you are getting trashed by gideon jura because he is a 6/6 soldier . Which is a  high ranking officer in Singapore NS .

So if you want nissa to be your girlfriend , you have to stop being addicted to gaming and start adding mana into the volcano so it can erupt and kill jura .

Best Regards ,
Mono Colored Dude

To You, Kenneth.

Hai Kenneth

You have to stop gaming too much at home and start investing more time into studying. You're a student now and your priority is to study. I know the games are very addicting and attractive, but sometimes you just need to be disciplined and put those games aside and concentrate on your work. You already know that you are weak in your academic studies, so if you still don't buck up you'll suffer, and when you want to regret, it would be too late.

Kenneth :D

Mirza Gaming letter...

Dear Bill,

how are you? It has been a long time since I met you. I still wonder if you are still playing Call of Duty. Have you? Well, I’ve stopped gaming ever since I joined the healthy gaming workshop.

I realized how much gaming affects your life especially when you are addicted to it. Simply, it destroys your life. You tend to forget about everything in your life and only care about those that are virtual and not real.

I am here to warn you about the dangers of gaming. Please do not get too addicted to it. Once you start, you can’t stop, I know but I guess if you can’t stop, you will have to learn how to stop. There are lots of workshops about gaming and how to game healthily.

Also, if you cannot stop gaming, or if you game excessively it shows really bad addiction and also it shows that you do not have discipline and cannot manage yourself.

To end off, I would like to see you soon, with a good and healthy lifestyle. Remember, too much gaming is not good.


Mirza :D

Monday, April 4, 2011

Attention! Mythological Creature Team - Alpha Adam Kenneth Zhi Yong Kun Yao

Greetings fellow friends,

Please be reminded that we have to meet Miss Lim for the Mythological Creature thing. Thus, please bring your items again on Thursday 7th April.

For Further Information, Please find time to meet and discuss about it before meeting on Thursday.
Thank you! :)

Kun Yao

Friday, April 1, 2011


1 . Jesse Owens summary writing thingy