Thursday, April 7, 2011

Catherine's letter to Chuck Bartowski

Dear Chuck Bartowski,
(aka Charles Carmichael)

I think you have to stop your gaming addiction and take Sarah Walker on a date!
I bet she can easily take you out on Call of Duty (if you don't flash)
Stop meeting Morgan to game all day at home :D
Even though I envy your amazing Guitar Hero skills… STOP GAMING!
Morgan and you should learn that toys are toys and not collectibles :P
Remember how difficult it was to get a girlfriend or a female talking partner 3 years ago?

Go on more missions :P
Learn how to fight properly without flashing.
Or you can be a good brother and uncle by taking care of Ellie’s daughter! :D
Get to know your niece better!

Btw, I think that you having headache when you flash is not because of the new intersect.
It must be because of your gaming addiction :D

Hope you can easily balance your totally awesome life, totally hot fiance, your spy work and your gaming addiction.

Yours sincerely,
Catherine Lim
Your Number One Fan!
(jk. I’m a bigger fan of Yvonne Strahovski aka your fiance, Sarah Walker :P)

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