Thursday, April 7, 2011


Dear Chuck,

I realised that you’ve been acting quite weirdly these days. Your having constant headaches and other stuff. Which kinda leads down to one thing, gaming addiction.
You should try to stop this gaming addiction because it may tear your life apart about certain aspects like family, love and your social life. Not forgetting your career too. Start getting a new hobby that does not involve technology, a good suggestion is sports. Getting the high score in your game wouldn’t allow you to get a thousand bucks or something like that. Sure you feel proud but thats short-lived. Life is short and you shouldn’t be wasting part of your life just sitting there, gaming. You should start thinking of your career too, at the rate your going, you dont exactly have a bright future ahead of you. Start to do something about this. Before its too late and things start falling apart.


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