Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dear Bill, o.O

Dear Bill,

I’ve heard from your friend Jill that you are addicted to gaming and have been playing for at least ten hours straight. You have been having lots of headache and it seems like you are falling asleep in class lately.

As your beloved twin brother, I suggest that you should stop gaming too much and start by slowly decreasing your gaming hours by one hour. For example, from ten hours of gaming to nine hours to eight hours and so on. If not, you could just take a hammer and smash your computer.

If you do not stop gaming, you might end up looking fat and ugly because of those panda eyes from your lack of sleep. So, if you want your secret crush (Jill) to become your girlfriend, you might want stop gaming. Also, you should sleep early or you would sleep in class and wouldn’t learn anything in class. You should think about your future if you think what I wrote is “inappropriate”.



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