Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Homework for 27 April

Hi five,

Here is the homework for today:

1. ADMT Toy Project due next week (Components: Rending sketch, E-Journal and actual product)
2. For the eight of you who haven't, finish up your Case Study on the Yunnan and Japan Earthquake
3. Finish up the Stuff for Science (Research Plan, Experimental Design, Material List, Log Book-not due tomorrow, Literature Review, Group Report, Individual Report-not due tomorrow (I think), and include your Table of Results)
4. Math Worksheet B:Sets - Mr Ingham is going through it tomorrow, hand it up to Daniel on Friday
5. For those who haven't, hand up the English Podcast (Put in the Submit Folder)

Here is the Malay Stuff for today:

1. For those who haven't, finish your Journal, hand up on Friday
2. File the Lampiran Cikgu gave in class today (forgot what it was)
3. Get your parents to sign the Test
4. Bring your Kamus (Kamus Dewan, if possible) on Friday


1. Study for the Exams
2. There is no CCA from 2-13 April (Week 7-8)
3. Sports Meet is postponed, normal timetable on Friday

If there is anything I forgot, please post it in the comments section


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