Thursday, April 7, 2011


Dear John,

I know you are addicted to gaming,spamming 15 hours playing games,especially this one game that features some guy in green amour and a rifle killing aliens.So far,you've been skipping school and not studying to play games.You've been failing your exams and tests,and would like to advice you.

Being addicted to games is definitely NOT good,and it can ruin your life if you do not stop soon.Gaming brings you happiness,but it is not your life.One shouldn't give up everything else just to play games.You should stop being a game addict and start studying,making friends,eat properly and others.Games do not go on resumes nor featured in your personal information.Games will never get you anywhere in life.I’m not saying games are not good for you,but you are being an unhealthy gamer.A healthy gamer uses the advantages of gaming to the fullest,like playing with their friends together and enjoy themselves,getting to know each other better.

Thats all the advice I have,and hope you listen to my advice,put down your controller and start socializing,studying and thinking about your future.

The sky is getting dark and the crickets are chirping,so I have to go now.Good bye.

Daniel Chan

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