Thursday, April 7, 2011

Letter to the Addicted friend By ZhiYong

Hi Bill,

How have you been? I heard that you are addicted to computer gaming recently, and was just wondering if you have any problems in your school or life now. I feel that you should learn how to control yourself from gaming, as addiction is not a very good thing. If you are addicted, you will often forget about the life and people around you, and focus more on the virtue life. By neglecting you real life, you will neglect you school, and the people around you, and you will hurt yourself and them, especially your families and friendsYou could try controlling yourself by creating a timetable, so you could mange your time properly. Self-discipline is very important, and trust me, by doing so, you will help yourself in the long run. Should you need more help, you can contact me again, and I would be glad to help you.

I hope to hear from you soon! :D

Your friend,


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