Thursday, April 7, 2011

Letter to Chucky :)

Dear Chucky,

How have you been recently? I have heard that you have been addicted to gaming. Today, I’m writing to you because I am very concerned about the you are being addicted and I’m am also going to give you a few advise.

I think that you should seriously stop as gaming is of no value in life. You’ll also be missing out a lot of things in life and your friends and family will start to leave you too. In short, gaming does not help you in any way. If you keep on playing, it’ll ruining your whole life and your successful future! You should focus more on your friends, career and most importantly your family.

For now, you could start by controlling yourself from gaming and start to hang out with friends and family. You could also choose to start playing sports. In life, you only have one life, so please do not let it go to waste. Do something about it. Change.


Jonny :D

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